Nicola is a member of the following organisations: 

The Association for Solution Focused HypnotherapyAfSFH

The Complementary & National Healthcare Council

The National Council for Hypnotherapy: NCH

Press articles:

Nicola has been featured in a number of national press articles: Fly high

Overcoming a fear of heights – Daily Express 

Demolishing my diet demons – Daily Express 

General Hypnotherapy articles:

News Watch: The Science of Hypnosis

The Guardian article on Hypnosis reaches the parts brain scans and neurosurgery cannot:

Daily Mail article on research showing hypnosis can help with menopausal symptoms:

How being hypnotised can reduce menopausal symptoms by 75%

Guardian article on hypnosis and neuroscience: Hypnosis is no laughing matter

BBC News Health: Mild mental illness ‘raises risk of premature death’ 

Telegraph article on hypnosis and birth: Woman giving birth hypnotised in place of pain relief

Time’s article on surgery under hypnosis: Mind over Surgery

BBC – “Children Can Imagine Pain Away

Reuters : Hypnosis eases breast cancer surgery pain:study

IBS Self-Help: IBS

IBS BBC News Report: BBC

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