Client Feedback

For client confidentiality reasons I have not published my clients’ names.

“Just to say you are a genius.. I’m sure you already know that!! I have had such a productive week at work, I came in on Monday and did all of the horrible jobs I had put off for ages, I’ve cleared loads of work this week and have slept through most nights!! (trouble sleeping and OCD)

“I’m nearly weaned off antidepressants, on half a tablet every other day. Hardly worth it really! Your CD helped, and so did the realisation that I could actually do this. The safety net of potentially another session with you and it was OK. In the nicest possible way, I hope I don’t have to come and see you again, in official capacity…… Thank you” (anxiety)

“I left your clinic and drove on the dual carriageway for the first time in four years. Many thanks, I’m looking forward to my next session of relaxation! ” (driving anxiety)

“The dentist went extremely well and I had no problem, the worst bit was the waiting room. So thank you so so much for all the help you have given me, and I think it made everyone around me have a much nicer day.” (dentist phobia)

“I didn’t panic at all, instead I felt strangely happy!” (fear of flying)

“We had an individual interview which lasted about 10 minutes with a member of the Speech therapy team. I think it went really well! I felt really confident in the group discussion and the individual interview went really well too. :D” It worked(interview nerves)

“You will be pleased to know that it worked!!!!!!!!!” (height phobia)

“ I had a lovely baby girl last Friday and had the water birth with no pain relief whatsoever! Thank you so much!!!!” (calm childbirth)

“I wanted to let you know that whatever we did it worked amazingly well.” (exam nerves)

“Just read your latest newsletter. You hypnotised me back in October 2011 to give up smoking and to this day I have never touched one!! So a big “Thank You” to you. Could not have done it without you.” (smoking cessation)