The following lists represent some of the major areas I work with using solution focused hypnotherapy. The list is not exhaustive, so please give me a call or email me if you need further information. Please note, the client needs to be willing to work with me and some changes in lifestyle may be discussed. Clients need to get on board with the process – unfortunately no hypnotherapist owns a magic wand! However, I have significant experience working with clients to bring about positive change.

Anxiety and stress-related conditions
General anxiety is the majority of my work. Anxiety can be experienced through general feelings of nervousness or anxiety, sleep disturbances, panic attacks, blushing, stammer, exams, driving test nerves, fear of public speaking or stage fright. Anxiety comes in many forms. For more information click here.

Insomnia and sleep patterns
I have a keen interest in helping clients overcome insomnia and improve their sleep patterns. So often people have lived for many years with this problem, which in the main can be easily sorted. It is recommended you check with your GP to ensure there are no medical reasons for the insomnia.

Pregnancy and Childbirth
Calming relaxation for general well-being or for pregnancy/childbirth.

Help with fear and phobias
Phobias of all kinds, such as fear of heights, spiders, enclosed spaces, etc. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can also be helped with hypnosis.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
I have worked with many people giving them supportive therapy to deal with the symptoms caused by IBS, which affects one in five people. In some cases this has allowed the symptoms to be reduced.

Pain Management
Pain has been seen to lessen using the gentle power of hypnotherapy. See Time’s article on “surgery whilst under hypnosis” as a guide to what can be achieved.

Overcoming addictions and obsessions
Smoking, alcohol dependancy, nail biting, bed-wetting, gambling, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) may be helped with hypnosis if the client wants to change and understands that full client commitment is essential.

Motivation and performance enhancement
Whether it’s in regard to sports, work or a social environment, lack of confidence or low self-esteem can hold you back. I have worked with clients using Hypnotherapy to help with building overall confidence and focus.

Please contact me for an initial consultant or to simply chat about what you are hoping to change.