Weight Management

Lose Weight – Gain Life!

For most of my adult life I’ve done battle with weight. I can’t admit to trying every diet on the planet as I’ve only done a few, but I did those few repeatedly!

So a few years ago I made myself a promise – I would never go on a structured diet again as I was fed up with the yoyo effect. Then, a little while later, my body did a bit of a malfunction which resulted in having to take a heavy dose of steroids for some time, this resulted in weight gain. But once my lovely GP had sorted this malfunction out I began to lose weight. Not through diet, but through changing my mindset, reducing portion sizes, bringing in some additional healthy foods, incorporating some hypnotherapy and increasing my movement. I didn’t stop eating treats but I ate them VERY slowly and enjoyed them properly.

Now some may call this a diet, but to me it was simply bringing in some changes that I could live with and that weren’t making me feel as though I were in a straight jacket. I did this mainly by focusing on the other areas of my life i.e. not the food!

The reason for this is simple. In most of our lives it’s not the actual food, unbelievably, that’s the problem. The problem can be boredom, stress, a need for reward, the list is endless…

I still work with people who do wish to use a structured diet – in fact it’s a good thing if you’re clinically obese. I’m obviously very happy to work with people who wish to simply get a different relationship with food (and drink for that matter, as this can make a massive difference to your weight).

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool, an aid that helps promote change within the brain, shifting previously set patterns of behaviour and encouraging you to smile broadly as you start achieving your goals – but you still need to do some work.

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