Motivation is pretty key in our lives don’t you think? Without it life can become problematic, dull and we can lack that inspiration. Motivation helps us working harder, can enable us to have a healthy relationship and makes us happy.

When we’re motivated we can become healthier, wealthier and wiser.

So how is it sometimes we lack that motivation, or possibly we lose it somewhere along the way? I see a lot of people where this can really cause problems. It can cause frustration and problems in relationships, it can undermine a teenager’s confidence or cause an athlete to miss training sessions, a mother can become disillusioned as her children leave the nest (even if it’s just for a few hours to go to school).

However, if you understand how to intercept this lack of motivation it’s amazing the results that can be achieved.

From motivation in your personal, business or sports life to quitting smoking or losing weight, motivation is key. In order to successfully motivate yourself it’s important to work out exactly what inspires you, what your goals are. This in itself may not be easy, I sometimes find myself working with clients to find out what it is they want before we can proceed with motivating them. Identification of goals is very necessary before you can start to motivate yourself.

Confidence building and motivation is all about helping you understand that you can actually do what you want to do, sometimes this means changing the beliefs built up over our lifetime – maybe we’ve been told that ‘you can’t do that’ or ‘that’s not achievable’ etc etc, so we may need some confidence building before we believe we can live the dream.

So let’s keep it simple, start by writing a list. I’m a great believer in lists, I use them constantly, in fact I sometimes have lists of my lists (okay, I’m kidding here!). I’d like you to write a list of everything you’d like to do before you leap into your coffin thinking ‘wow, what a wild ride that was’. And be brave, come on, what would you REALLY like to do. Give it some proper thought, not over a few minutes, but over a few days, possibly weeks, and gradually formulate that list. Then split it into two, the things that you’d like to achieve this year and then the rest. Now prioritise each item on both lists in the order you’d like to achieve them.

Now consider the first thing on list number 1 (this year’s list) and with your eyes closed, really imagine that it’s already been done – then move to the top of list 2 and again close your eyes, imagine what it would feel like to have actually achieved it. How do you feel? Then repeat this over a few days, really start believing you have already achieved – let me know what happens.

Hypnotherapy is based on the formula of auto suggestion, and it works on deeper levels than one can imagine. Hypnotherapy for motivation converses with your subconscious mind, and urges it to alter self-perception and self-image. Our subconscious is largely responsible for the way we think and react; so if we continually tell it that we can’t do something then we’re training it to accept the fact we can’t do something – simple. So think differently, what if – no really, WHAT IF you actually did something you’ve always wanted to do? Simply supply that thought to your subconscious as a done deal, imagine that you’ve actually done it and done it well.

Your subconscious mind understands the true potential that lies within us, and hypnotherapy and positive thinking taps into this potential. Through gentle affirmations such as “I can” will retrain your mind into believing that nothing is impossible.

The underlying theory of hypnotherapy is based on motivation, and we need it in every walk of life. However, we need to have our goals clear in our minds for the hypnotherapy to be successful. Hypnotherapy for motivation lets you focus on the particular task at hand, however if the task is undefined, hypnotherapy will be rendered ineffective.

Once you started this journey, you can see the changes in a short time through altering self-perception and self-image. Additionally, hypnotherapy gives you a whole new view of the world, from being a procrastinating person, you can become a self starter, from a couch potato you can run a marathon, from an under-confident person to doing whatever you want to do. So define your goals now, and dive into the vast sea of your subconscious mind through hypnotherapy and discover the possibility of life.